• Are You Looking for PSARA 2005 License to set up Private Security Agency?

    With risks of terrorism and crime are increasing, there is huge demand for private security growing steadily to secure against violence, robberies, and other types of crimes. Both consumers and businesses are getting more aware of the need to know how to set up a security agency and for security. It can be a great business opportunity to start up for entrepreneurs. But it needs proper licensing and training to start a security agency and proper knowledge of networking and business management.


    In this post, we are going to focus on the legal aspects of this agency and it is going to be the most complex decision to make. The Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005 or PSARA is responsible to control the legal aspects of private security agencies. It is important for all of the private security agencies to get PSARA license for Haryana to operate. First of all, parties need to decide their business model which is up to different factors, such as finance, scale, control, and liabilities. The model can be anything according to the suitability of parties –

    • Partnership Firm
    • Sole proprietorship
    • LLP
    • NGO
    • Pvt. Ltd or Ltd


    After choosing the best suited model, parties may want to continue their operations while getting license under PSARA. Hence, they have to check PSARA 2005 according to the rules conducted by the state.


    You need to annex all the copies of registration certificate under different acts and various other documents when it comes to file application for PSARA License for Delhi. This way, it needs several other prior compliances and registrations for PSARA registration. Listed here are the prior compliances and registrations to get PSARA License for UP

    • Service tax registration
    • Allocation of PAN
    • ESI registration
    • Registration for provident fund
    • Registration according to Contractual Labor Act
    • Registration according to Shops & Establishment Act
    • IEM registration accordingto DIC to avail the benefits of SMES


    Once you are ready with the above requirements, you can fill up application form to seek PSARA license.


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